MINIBOND SCORECARD: MARKET TRENDS - Main indicators as of October 31st 2017




Main indicators as of October 31st 2017






A month away from the last Market Trends Minibond Scorecard, arrives the English update of the document, created by MinibondItaly with Epic Sim, the private investment community specialized in the real economy.

The Minibond Scorecard: Market Trends is designed with the purpose of bringing quality and reliable information to foreign agents that operate within the sector: it provides a description from an international angle on what is currently happening in the ExtramotPro Italian Market, with the objective of providing an updated and clear picture for international players.  

Let us take a detailed look at what has changed compared to the last update:

  • 269 issued minibonds for a total value of approximately €13.0 bn (+10% vs 31st July 2017)
  • Decrease of minibonds below €50 M in term of amount but not in term of number: in the August - October period they account for €19M vs €37M of the 3nd quarter 2016
  • Decrease of the average face value of the total issues, further reduction compared the previous update, confirming the market consolidation trend
  • Construction registered the highest variation (+0.5 pp of the share of total value issued vs July), thanks to the new issue of MPG Manifattura Plastica S.p.A. and Impresa Percassi S.p.A.
  • Strong concentration of issues in Northern Italy is confirmed


The updated average profile of minibonds not exceeding €50 M is the following:


  • Average face value: €7.4M
  • Average coupon rate: 5.25%
  • Average maturity: 5.3 years


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MINIBOND SCORECARD: MARKET TRENDS is published by in collaboration with Epic SIM and provides quarterly updates on the evolution of the Minibond market in Italy; the English version is released one month after the Italian one, ensuring a constant stream of accurate data. is the first informational web portal and news aggregator overviewing the Italian Minibond market (developed and managed by Business Support, a strategy consulting and financial advisory firm).


Epic SIM manages the new fintech platform that directly connects private capital and SMEs.