MINIBOND SCORECARD: MARKET TRENDS - Main indicators as of April 30th 2018

In this first part of 2018 the Minibond market exceeds 300 issued Minibonds

After having illustrated in detail what happened in the first quarter of 2018, we present “Minibond Scorecard: Market Trends“, the English version of Minibond Barometer created by MinibondItaly e Epic SIM in order to give you a fresh update on ExtraMot Pro market operations.


The English version of “Minibond Scorecard: Market Trends” will be published on a quarterly basis, one month later the release of the Italian version of the document.


As follows, a snapshot of the Italian Minibond market in the first four months of 2018


  • 314 issued minibonds for a total value of approximately €15.6 bn (+2% vs 31st January 2018)
  • Decrease of minibonds below €50 M in term of amount and in term of number: in the February – April period they account for €11 M vs €38 M of the same period in 2017
  • Decrease of the average face value of the total issues, further reduction compared the previous update, confirming the market consolidation trend
  • Food & Beverage registered the highest variation (+0.3 pp of the share of total value issued vs January)
  • Strong concentration of issues in Northern Italy is confirmed



The updated average profile of minibonds not exceeding €50 M is the following:


  • Average face value: €7.0M
  • Average coupon rate: 5.11%
  • Average maturity: 5 years


The complete report is available on and